Mamaricbri Moyesii [MAR-ee Mo-yes-ee]
Age: 18
Race: Bestian
Mari comes from a High Seated Noble family in Medius.  At the age of eight, she witnessed her parents’ murder. Since then she has struggled with the sight of blood and thunder storms.  Her older brother, Afon, took care of her as a child.  She has lived most of her life behind the walls of her family estate in safety. When her brother goes missing, she decides to set out on her own to find him. She keeps her identity a secret, and while leery of strangers, her naivety manages to get her into all sorts of trouble.

afoncbAfon Moyesii [AE-v-uh-n Mo-yes-ee]
Age: 24
Race: Bestian
After the death of his parents, Afon has looked after his kid sister Mari.  He has taken over the role of High Seated Noble for Medius, but disappears shortly after taking care of some diplomatic business in the east.


chococbChoco [Chaw-ko]
Age: 21
Race: Human

Choco excels at a number of things, but most of all at swindling people and stealing shiny things.  Despite being a petty thief, he actually has a soft spot for helping people.

Clover (Klō-ver)
Age: 26
Race: Human

Clover appears to be after only one thing, Mari’s precious Aquas gem. She enjoys pointy things, shoving pointy things in peoples faces, and flowers.

Silver ( Sil-ver)
Age: ?
Race: Caelian

Silver and Clover seem to be working together. Silver enjoys deep glasses of wine and being bossy.