A part of me can’t believe I’m doing this.  How many times in the past have I tried to start a comic, specifically this one? Too many to count.  I’ve finally told myself to dive in, head first! So I want to thank you ahead of time for bearing with me on this ride. It may start out a bit bumpy, especially as I learn my way around things like WordPress and maintaining a Webcomic.

It has been so many years since I have wanted to write and draw this story. The plot, the characters, they have been mulling about in my head for some time now. I primarily started this project as a means to practice my art skills and get better at drawing.  That being said, I am super stoked to be sharing the story. I am excited for you to meet Mari and see what happens to her.  I am excited to draw and work on this project! As an artist, you can easily get burnt out on projects and work, but you readers will keep me motivated!

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by to read and who will continue to look forward to my weekly updates! So without further adieu, please enjoy the prologue of the story and stop by next week for the start of Chapter One: The Thirsty Turtle!

So grab a nice hot cup of tea and start the adventure here!

Next update: Saturday, November 14, 2015