ABOmoxiecoverabout2UT MOXIE: Moxie is a story that has evolved over the course of close to a decade (give or take a few years). The story is a fantasy adventure with much of the plot character driven. Many of the characters were originally thought up in the midst of boring middle school classes and while they have changed in appearances, and some in names, they have grown into maturity with the artist. Much of the story was inspired by too many video games, fat furry animals, and late nights.





PLOT SYNOPSIS: Mari’s parents were murdered when she was eight, leaving her with Afon, her older brother, to look after her.  Ten years later, her brother disappears while traveling on business.  Being from a High Seated Noble House, she fears the worst and takes things into her own hands. Mari sets off on an adventure to find him. Trouble seems to follow her everywhere, truths about her parents’ deaths become more clear, and she finds herself involved in something much bigger than she anticipated. Unfortunately for her, she has no idea what she is doing, but it is with only enough moxie, she will be able to find her way.



moxiecoverabout3ABOUT THE ARTIST: Caitlin Blaine lives in the Ozarks (feel free to Google that if you don’t know where that is).  While she was born and raised there, she claims she does not have a “hick” accent. Although, there is still a debate on this, she avoids the use of the word “Y’all”.  Caitlin has been drawing and being all sorts of “arsty fartsy” since as early as she can remember.  As early as Preschool, she remembers making up stories in her head and drawing out numerous characters.

Becoming heavily influenced by Japanese Manga, she quickly changed her career choice from Veterinarian to Comic Artist in the sixth grade. She graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts: emphasis in drawing. Much of her sequential art has been self taught, through books and a variety of tutorials….lots and lots of tutorials (Like seriously…so many tutorials. Thank you kind internet people for your tutorials).

She has been blessed with the awesome opportunity to help create art for a variety of Nintendo DS games with a local game developer, Black Lantern Studios, and has helped create logos for local businesses.  Her true passion, though,  has always been story telling through art. It is her hope to share a story through art with readers, making them travel to far off distant lands, meet interesting characters, and overall bring a smile to their faces.  She is married to her best friend, Sir Johnsalot, and they share a home with two plump cats and two slobbery dogs.

She loves kitties, chai tea, the color teal, and is a firm believer in the Oxford comma.